‘Why aren’t we making the time for our skin and how we can!

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Well hello Skin lovers and welcome to my first ever Blog! I’m super excited to get started on this and would just like to say a big thank you for taking a few minutes to read this short blog today ☺

Today I am going to talk about …

‘Why we aren’t making the time for our skin & how we can!

So, let’s get started …

I, as much as anyone, understand the battle of time! A businesswoman, Facialist, Lash technician, Beauty Educator, single Mum of 2, dog Mum…the list goes on, but you get the point :P. So, believe me when I say I’ve been in that place of not making time for myself/my skin! Instead running around like a headless chicken, getting the dinner on, replying to emails, cleaning, and picking up after everyone. Now when I live like this and don’t carve out a little section of time for myself, what do you think happens? Well, I’ll tell you for me…I’m tired, I have low energy, and nothing seems to be executed perfectly! Instead, it’s just this shuffling from one thing to the next followed by those insecure feelings as my skins not looking or feeling great and feeling a little sad that of all things I did today I didn’t take 5 minutes for me. 

So, how did I and how do you get around this? This is a simple and effective routine that I follow and recommend to all clients…

  • Make sure you have the essentials ready for your skincare routine 
  • A small basket containing, Cleanser, Toner, serum & SPF – the essentials only! Optional – Facecloth
  • Make sure these are in easy reach and in the place, you need them to be (next to the shower/sink etc)
  • Incorporate your skin routine into things you’d be doing anyway! Link it to showering/washing face/brushing teeth 
  • And when you can make a little extra time, have a little treat basket complete with a gentle exfoliator & a mask (once or twice a week is more than enough but just whenever you can fit it in is great to, the key is not to stress just stay consistent with the above)

Sound easy right? Well, that’s because it is! And, in time, this will become as automatic as brushing your teeth! And believe me when I say, your skin will thank you! 

TIP – If you’re like me and sometimes accidentally fall asleep when putting the kids down at night, make sure you complete your evening skin routine as soon as you are home, perhaps while the dinner is on!

So why is it important to follow these steps?? Well, the first and most important thing I l was taught in college whilst completing my HND was that you MUST cleanse tone and nourish your skin, twice daily! And the no1 rule for skin that will age gracefully…SPF 30+. (protection).  I was taught anatomy & physiology of the skin, face, facial muscles, bones etc, I learned all about electrotherapy treatments, facial massage, products & ingredients but above everything this was always the essential for flawless skin! (The others are amazing to but what’s the point in getting your car serviced then not topping up the oil or water?). 

So here is a little more guidance…

  • AM Cleanse – Cover each area of face and neck 3 times using gentle but firm pressure & then Rinse. (Around a minute)
  • Spray Toner on face and neck – 2 skooshes! (2 seconds)
  • Apply Serum by pressing in the skin in a firm but gentle manner (around a minute)
  • Once dry apply SPF (less than a minute) 

And you’re DONE! This literally takes less than 5 minutes and means you’ve taken that time for yourself each day! Now the taking care of your skin element is so important but also remember your as important if not more than anything else around you. How would all the things be done around you that you’re doing if it wasn’t for you? So, like you would take care of anything else…take care of yourself to! 

Thanks again for reading my first ever blog! I hope you can take away from this that just 2 5-minute segments of your day will genuinely change the path of your skin health and appearance for the better! You deserve the time, and you can incorporate this into your daily life ☺

In the next blog I will talk more about evening skin cleansing specifically and why it’s so important!

If you have any questions or a topic, you’d like me to discuss please mentioned it in the comments or send me a message ☺

Health & Happiness,

A xx